IT Support

Computer consultancy and IT support in Hertfordshire as a social enterprise

IT Support - do it better now
  • Problems? Solutions! Reliable, low-cost, low-maintenance solutions.
  • Internet: get connected, get your own domain name, set up email and web sites, learn how to manage it yourself.
  • Backup: onsite, offsite, cloud; plan, automate, verify - so you don't have to enter all that information again.
  • Data recovery: get your data back when your system crashes or locks you out.
  • Software: office suites, databases, websites, useful free programs.
  • Hardware failures: fix or replace? Get advice, get help, get quotes that match your needs and resources.

Consultancy - what why when where how who
  • Discuss your objectives and desired outcomes, review your resources, make a flexible plan.
  • Uncover the bottlenecks in your workflow.
  • Look at ways to get useful work done quicker and cheaper.

 Telephone 01438 220020