Privacy Policy

Mine of Innovation Ltd is a social enterprise providing IT consultancy and IT support to individuals and organisations in Hertfordshire, UK. We hold information for research, development, projects, maintenance, cyber security and other fields of legitimate business interest.

Personal Information

Personal information needed for our business is given to us by clients, partners, suppliers and official organisations in letters, faxes, business cards, phone calls, emails and other electronic media. We store the information digitally (eg in a contacts database) and on paper (eg notebooks and diaries).

The personal details that we store for individuals comprise:

title, name, position, organisation and contact details;

references to current & archived & prospective projects;

references to ongoing maintenance issues (eg website security);

financial information including invoices.

Personal information is used for contacting organisations or consenting individuals in connection with legitimate business interests. It is stored locally and online protected by strong passwords. Online backups are protected by zero-knowledge encryption.


Access to personal information is restricted to directors, staff and volunteers of the company. We do not share such information with other individuals or organisations without explicit consent or legal obligation, unless the information is already on public record.

We abide by the fundamental Data Protection principles:

fair and lawful, for specific purposes, adequate and relevant,

accurate, retention not excessive, rights for data subjects.


When a legitimate business interest no longer applies, or consent is withdrawn, the corresponding personal information is deleted. Personal information stored on computer equipment donated for refurbishment is deleted, unless data recovery is explicitly requested. Deleted information is erased if stored digitally, shredded if on paper, or physically destroyed.

Your Rights

If you would like to change or erase your personal details now, please contact us by email with the subject Privacy.

Note: we do not track visits to this website, but it is hosted by Google which has its own tracking. For further details please see


2018-05-23 This privacy policy may be changed without notice from time to time.